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Beijing QiYue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 871856, referred to as "QYEPT") is a leading industrial hazardous waste management technology Service provider. We provide process design package, project management, engineering procurement construction, Operation services, project financing integration solutions for hazardous waste. QYEPT has the industrial hazardous waste incineration technology package, combustion laboratory, engineering laboratory, Research and Development center and Equipment Assembly Test Center, which has passed the quality, environmental and occupational health system certification, with environmental Engineering professional contract qualification, and national High-tech Enterprises certificate.


QYEPT introduces international advanced technology of hazardous waste treatment, combined with its own technical advantages in standardization engineering design, process simulation, flue gas emission control and so on. Developed the process package for industrial solid waste, waste liquid, VOCs, and the field simulation, engineering test, safety analysis, such as advanced design tools, unique standardized project management system, international operational management experience, to provide integrated solutions of hazardous waste management to our customers.

Business Main Business

A complete process package solution in the field of industrial hazardous solid waste treatment,engineering procurement construction,and operation service,etc.

  • Incineration System of Hazardous Waste Rotary Kiln

    · The industrial hazardous waste treatment, Complete process package solution
    · Industrial hazardous waste disposal, medical waste disposal

  • Plasma Slag Melting Furnace

    · Applied to the harmless disposal of waste slag and fly ash after incineration of hazardous waste
    · the harmless disposal of fly ash after incineration of domestic waste

  • Multiple Hearth Furnace

    · Applied in activated carbon regeneration, sludge/waste salt pyrolysis, roasting, waste circuit board pyrolysis, etc.

  • Plasma Skid Mounted Disposal Vehicle

    · Applied to on-site disposal of hazardous waste, medical waste and emergency hazardous waste disposal in chemical plants

  • Modular Design and Installation

    • Adopting the design concept of modular design
    • Utilizing LEGO concept with rapid splicing
    • Maximizly mitigating risk and difficulty on construction sites

  • Standard Project Management

    • International engineering project management standards
    • Standardized management associated with design, procurement, supervision, construction and commissioning

  • Integration of Design, Engineering and Operations

    • Operations personnel fully participate in project design, equipment acceptance and commissioning
    • Adopting 3D modeling, virtual reality application and other methods to achieve handy operation &maintenance of system

  • Project Lifecycle Quality Control

    • Typically three-level review system with strict in-process design quality control
    • The entire process of quality supervision involved in equipment processing plant and on-site construction
    • In cooperation with domestic and overseas leading processing/equipment suppliers

  • Technical Consultancy

    · Senior industry experts and operation team
    · Delivers outstanding advice and appropriate solutions

  • Operational Guidance and Training

    · Deliver tailor solutions of diversified training models
    · Fully experienced and skilled teaching team
    · Independent development operating system

  • Entrusted Commissioning and Operation Services

    · Excellent operation design system with high standard SOPs
    · The operation concept of “Safe, Stable, Economical, Long-term and Sustainable”
    · Deep technical expertise on solution configuration

  • Technological Transformation and System Upgrade

    · Time-critical response and feedback in allusion
    · Professional suggestions and effective rectification plans
    · Upholds follow-up evaluations

  • High Quality Industrial Resources In and Abroad

  • Project Investment Construction and Financing

  • Professional 3rd Party Governance Services

  • More+


Provide wholistic industrial chain solutions,encompasses R&D, consulting design, investment& financing plan formulation, project construction implementation and operation &management.

  • Leading Technology On Waste Treatment
    The design features of "5 High & 1 Stable"
    · High level of safty
    · High emission standard
    · High level of automation
    · High level of production environment cleanliness
    · High energy saving
    · Stable and continuous operation of the equipment
  • Integrated Service
    Wholistic industrial chain solutions
    · Turnkey services encompasses R&D
    · Design consultancy
    · Investment & Financing plan formulation
    · Project construction implementation
    · Operation & management services
  • Comprehensive Operation Service
    Ensure the safe, stable, continuous and effective operation for our clients
    · Provides technical design proposals
    · Engineering construction and installation guidance
    · Practical training
    · Entrusted commissioning & operation
    · Technical guidance & upgrading
  • Specialized Independent Research And Development Capability
    The core value of "innovation driven"
    · Superior multidisciplinary technical team
    · Extensive independent R&D
    · Engineering experiment
    · Modelling & simulation computation capability
    · Integrated “Industry-University-Research” organization structure and business pattern
  • Standard Project Management
    Achieve safe, high- quality and efficient engineering services
    · The leading project management model
    · Standardized management framework and process
    · HS&E management & quality management
    · Engineering operation turnover standard
    · Rapid installation design
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Focus on high-end customers and high barriers field, petrochemical, fine chemicals, bio-chemical, electric power, municipal, metallurgy and other fields which achieved remarkable growth performance.

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